Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group

MIHOG was created in order to aid Michigan hedgehog owners with locating care, products, and general information for their pets. I originally created the site after my first hedgehog, Little Momma, passed away at the age of 8 years. I had many problems finding good information about local veterinarians and where to find products for these little guys, and felt that there needed to be a place where others in my area could share information. However, times have changed and products that are hedgehog friendly are more easily found.. The site's purpose has since changed from a listing of veterinarians, breeders & stores that carry hedgehog friendly items, to providing information for general care, diet and housing recommendations.

If you want to contact me or contribute to this web site, please use the link below. I love to hear from fellow Michigan owners, as well as owners from all over.

Hedgehog Information

Michigan Veterinarians: Listing of Michigan owner recommended veterinarians.

Housing Ideas: Cage and accessory ideas

Tips & Tricks: Tips for performing different care tasks for your hedgehog.

Traveling: Information on different carriers and methods of traveling your hedgehog.

Care Guides: Basic hedgehog care information, books, care booklets, first aid, and common disorders of hedgehogs.

Forums: A bulletin board for hedgehog and chinchilla owners.

Links: Links to other hedgehog resources.

Michigan Breeders: Listing of USDA licensed area breeders.

Products: Where food, wheels, and other products may be purchased online.

Anatomy and Behavior: Articles on basic hedgehog anatomy and behaviors.

Diet and Nutrition: What to look for, what to avoid, and other hedgehog diet information

Colors: Color listing as recognized by the International Hedgehog Association.

Contact Information:

Any ideas or concerns you may have about this web site, please feel free to send your information to me.

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