More on pet food ingredients

Have you ever read the ingredient list on your pet's food and wondered, "Why is that in here?" I have thought about how many of them could actually be harmful to my pets. I am not a veterinarian nor a nutritionist, just a concerned hedgehog owner, so I spent a considerable amount of time searching the web looking up these ingredients. Unfortunately, I found out some disturbing things about some of the foods that are highly recommended by many as 'great for hedgehogs.'

Listed below are links to the websites which stood out as most useful during my literally hundreds of searches on Google. I tried to find out what, in English, these chemical names for ingredients mean, and if there have been any studies about their safety in food. I also created a few lists for my own reference from this research, which you may find useful. I will continue to add to the links and lists below as I find more useful information.