Bath Time

Bath time can either be a pleasant or horrible experience for you and your hedgehog. Some hedgehogs love the water, others don't have an opinion, and then there are those that hate the water.

Author's hedgehog in the bathroom sink

What do I need to give my hedgehog a bath?

You will need to set up a place to dry your hedgehog after his bath. This place should be warm and where they cannot get into trouble. I like to wrap mine up in a towel and watch tv while they are drying. They will get warmth from your body and you get a great opportunity for cuddle time.


What do I do with all these items?

Run about an inch of warm water in a sink and then place your hedgehog in the water. I like to pour the water over the hedgehog with the cup over their back and up to the neck. Be careful to not get the water in their ears or on their face. Next take the toothbrush and drip a drop of shampoo on it. Lather the soap on the toothbrush and then brush your hedgehogs quills. Mine will normally allow me to get my hands soapy and wash their tummys.

To rinse I normally let the water run out of the sink and fill it with fresh until I have the hedgehog suds free.

Next wrap them in a soft towel and gently rub them with the towel. Next I normally put them in a second towel then sit with them on my lap while I'm watching TV or playing on the computer. It is a must that you make sure the hedgehog is dry so that they don't get chilled.

I also like to give mine treats if they were particularly good during bath time. But sometimes I have to give mine a treat just so that we can be friends again sooner.